Tuesday, August 28, 2007


On Steve's way home from my house last night he passed an accident in the EXACT same place ours was on Sunday. He said the 4-door car was smashed to about half it's size and had that been us, Jordan would not be here today.

Later last night I texted a friend (who is also a coworker at a different site) and told her sorry if she e-mailed me and never got a response, I stayed home because I'd been in an accident the night before. She called me, hysterical, and said that her daughter had just called and told her that her best friend, who was like a daughter to my friend, was just killed in an accident on Hwy 34, RIGHT WHERE WE HAD BEEN.

To know there was a fatality in the exact same place, not 24 hours later, was a serious reality check for me.

These days my wrist either looks like this (when icing):
Or like this (which makes it VERY hard to type):

I spent 45 minutes on the phone with my insurance company this morning, called the Oregon State Police to let them know they made two errors on the accident report (the time of the crash and my insurance policy number), called the towing company to find out when I can come and get some "personal items" out of my car (i.e. my stereo system), talked to my mom again and am trying to find a way to get to my errands because my roommate has a meeting she forgot about and can't get out of. So it looks like I'll be going to work a few hours later than I had hoped, but that's fine because I have a doctor's note so technically I don't have to go in at all, and I tell ya, that sounds appealing.

Yesterday I got phone calls from my mom, Stacy, Lani, the people I bought the car from, my grandma, etc. I am so blessed by everybody who cares and everyone who has offered me help, should I need it. You all are amazing.

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