Friday, August 31, 2007

I hate game day

The first thing that happened to me this morning was that I missed the bus. By about 6 seconds. I HATE days like that! And I couldn't just go back home and drive to work, so I had to walk about a mile to catch the next bus that went where I was trying to go. I'm wearing a fairly new pair of shoes which I wouldn't wear if I had to walk a distance, but I didn't KNOW I would be walking so far and now I have a blister on each foot.

But really, my being annoyed started yesterday. My mom offered me a ride home from work which I accepted because I knew the bus would be VERY late because of game day traffic and the air conditioning on the bus is broken. She brought me a couple of cookies and a gift card to my favorite coffee shop (she said it was in place of flowers since she knew Steve already got me flowers) which was really sweet. I got home around 5:15 and my neighbor (the one we've had problems with in the past) was SELLING the parking spaces in our lot! He filled up one side and started parking people in the grass strip next to our mailboxes. I had told Steve and his dad that they could park in my spot because I'm paying for it and don't have a car. I also told one other cousin right before the game that she could park there because Kyle has an extra space. When she went to pull in, one of my neighbor's friends gave her all this crap about having to pay $10 to park there (on MY side of the building). She said, "What's it to you?" and he told her that as long as she was a Beaver fan, he didn't care. He said, "What, do you know somebody here?" "Uh, YEAH!" I called our managers to complain and he said, "I've already been by TWICE to talk to him, so I'll get it taken care of. Enjoy your evening."

The entire time my neighbor (and his drunk friends) were at the game, his dogs were barking. Apparently he has a roommate this year and his roommate also has a large dog, so this year ther are two, which basically means more barking and more poop that doesn't get cleaned up. Some guy with ANOTHER dog showed up around 9pm and tried to get into the apartment, which set the dogs off again. Instead of leaving (because obviously the door was locked), he stood outside the door and talked to the dogs, making them bark even more.

Diana told me this morning that she was up almost all night between our cat keeping her up and their barking dogs and his drunk female friends screaming at the tops of their lungs at the dogs to shut up.

I will probably wait for one more game day to pass and then I'll write a formal complaint to our managers. My complaints include:

Loud, drunken parties on week nights that last well past 11 and keep his neighbors, who have jobs and tests the next day, awake.

Barking dogs when nobody is home and piles of poop that don't get cleaned up.

A trashed backyard (strewn furniture, beer pong cups, dog poop, puke, cigarette butts, etc.)

Loud music late into the night, fed through speakers with lots of bass.

Drunk, screaming girls late into the night.

Trash on the roof (there's some that's been up there for about 8 months) and in the yard.

I think I'll talk to the other tenants in the building and see if anybody else is so annoyed and if they are, I'll have them sign the letter too. I'm thinking I could have at least 7 signatures on this thing and that makes it look better.

I don't mind if he wants to have parties but they need to either end or be taken inside at 10pm and they need to be kept to Friday and Saturday nights. I'm waiting for the day when Kyle alerts me that there are underage drinkers over there so I can just call the cops.

I did NOT miss him over the summer and I cannot wait to move next year.

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LUVAH said...

I like that cone on the roof. Gives me something to laugh about. But, alas, I admit, it does kinda bug me that no one has even thought to take it down :)