Monday, August 20, 2007

It's going to be MINE!

I can hardly contain my excitement - seriously. I have been so long without a car and I am SO thrilled to be getting one! I took this picture and then started talking with the guy about something and forgot to take a picture from the front. But here it is!

And the 13-inch subwoofer in the back, which I don't really care about (I'm not one to drive down the road with music so loud that the poeople in the next car can feel the bass), but Diana tells me we are now driving my car everywhere. She IS one to drive down the road with blasting music. And dance like a crazy woman. Badly. And yes, she is probably reading this. I'm not sorry. =)

I'm finalizing the loan today. (Hopefully - they tell me that in order to do that I have to own the car. How am I supposed to own the car without the money to buy the car?) I'm hoping I can pick it up on Wednesday!

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