Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A little dose of reality and a BIG dose of responsibility (with a big helping of excitement)!

There's a possibility that I will be buying a car in the next couple of weeks! We have some friends who are selling a '97 Kia and I am very interested in it. The wife gave me a quote lower than what the husband wanted to sell it for, but I would be willing to pay more than what she told me (and probably closer to what he is thinking). They are supposed to call me tomorrow evening to talk about it and give me details and discuss everything. He was skeptical about selling it to friends because of liability and whatnot, but hopefully that won't be a problem. I know they're honest people and that if they knew something would need to be replaced in a year, etc. they would let me know. This car would require me to learn (more) how to drive a stick, but I'm ok with that. From the little driving I've done in my dad's truck, I've decided I don't mind driving a stick and wouldn't mind owning one.

I went online this morning to try to get an auto insurance quote. I know enough about the car that I felt that I could get a fairly accurate quote. I googled Sate Farm Insurance and found a website that would give me a quote from the information I provided. Then I got a phone call from Allstate. Wait a second, that's not the same as State Farm. Somehow the website tricked me and I ended up getting a quote from Allstate. I went back online to try to get a quote from State Farm (I want to use State Farm but hey, the more quotes the better) and their website needs a ton of information I don't have. I haven't talked enough about the car with these people for me to know if it has 4-wheel drive or anti-lock brakes, etc. So hopefully if they decide they want to sell me the car I can get that information tomorrow. I need to get renter's insurance from State Farm, too (no, I have not done that yet after a year of living on my own and it's NOT expensive, it's just something I have to do!).

On top of all this I'm thinking about the move in a year and trying to budget out what we could afford (house or apartment, Corvallis or Albany...) and I'm trying to include the car payments/insurance into all that. This is all making me see that I will probably ALSO be looking for a new job. I have been in this same position for almost 4 years and am only making about $1.50 more than when I started. It's barely enough for me to live on as is (and that's without luxuries) and I know it wouldn't be enough if I was paying rent, utilities, car insurance and a car payment (and gas). I can live without new clothes, CD's, eating out, etc. but it's becoming increasingly hard for me to live without a car.

I noticed today that SEVERAL of the people's blogs I read are about to move or have just moved (7 that I can think of) and several people have also been looking for new jobs or are just starting new jobs (another 7 that I can think of). You people know who you are! Good luck to you and keep me in your thoughts as I embark on the same adventures!

I'm a little bit excited. =)

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