Thursday, August 16, 2007

The noise in my head

I know I've been blogging a lot lately about moving, cars, jobs, rent, etc. Get used to it, people. =)
My head is swimming today with a lot of things that could ultimately be life altering. Not to the extreme that, say, getting married could be life altering, but they could change a lot of things about my life. Paraphrased to help me sort MY head:

1. Buying a car. We have some family friends who are supposed to be calling me tonight to talk details, price, etc. about a car they might possibly sell me. This is going to (on average) be costing me around $200 more a month.

2. Getting a new job. I am not making enough money where I am now and I've been here for almost 4 years. My mom tells me that things like benefits and payed time off compensate for not making as much money, and I totally agree, but that doesn't help me when I can't afford to LIVE. So I will be looking for a higher paying job within the system I am currently working in (so as not to lose my benefits and PTO).

3. Moving in a year. I know it's a year away, but it's a big decision when I am contemplating moving out of town. Yes, I am considering that. If we get into the house, we'll be moving to Albany. If we don't get into the house, I will still consider moving to Albany. I don't know if Diana would consider it (I'm leaning more towards her saying no because her school and work are in Corvallis, but I haven't actually talked to her about it yet), but apartment living in Albany is cheaper than in Corvallis, meaning we could get a bigger place which we're beginning to need.

4. Which brings me back to the job. If I DO move to Albany I would want to get a job in Albany.

So I'm questioning what I can afford as far as a car, what I can afford as far as moving and where I'll be moving to so I can decide where to apply for a job, which will decide how much I make and will affect what I can afford as far as a car and moving...

I'm having a terrible time making a decision about any one thing because I can't seem to think about only one thing at a time because they all tie together. I'll be doing some serious conversationing in the next week or so with a couple of people who are key in these decisions.

Yes, I know conversationing is not a word.

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