Monday, September 24, 2007

"The best day ever!"

Steve had to work on Sunday because of the Fall Festival and his parents had a lot of stuff going on so Jordan spent the day with me. He came over around 9:30 and we had breakfast together and went to church. He colored and looked at I Spy and then took to playing with my hand (which was probably distracting to those behind us). When we had the greeting time I went into the cry room to visit Bri and her brand new baby and Jordan started playing with the toys in there. Rather than pull him away from his (very quiet, well behaved) play to go sit in a pew and be squirmy, we finished out the service in the cry room (and I held Nevaeh for quite awhile).

He tells me he wants one (and he told me while she was crying!).

Playing on the stairs
My mom told me that our birthday present from my grandma came this weekend (my siblings' birthdays were in January, mine was in April). I got an awesome pair of (spring) pajamas, a beautiful jewelry box and matching picture frame, 3 cookbooks, an incredibly soft fleece blanket, a pair of slippers (which my cat is TOTALLY afraid of) and silver bracelets. Jordan was thrilled to help me open everything.

After lunch we drove to my parents house (and had homemade cookies fresh from the oven) and then walked down to the Fall Festival. Diana stuck Jordan on her shoulders and they had quite a fun time running into tree branches together.

We lost Diana after about twenty minutes so we went and visited the children's section. Jordan made himself a button (refurbished da Vinci Days buttons - very thrifty), watched a juggler, played mini golf, got his face painted and watched a little show.

This girl in front of us on the course would hit her ball, it would run into something and she would say, "That was definitely a redo!" She made about 4 "redo" hits every hole. I was really starting to wish that her parents were with her to tell her that's not how you play mini golf and you see those six kids waiting their turn behind you? Her friend, however, was making me laugh with her "hole in three".

Jordan very adamantly did not want his face painted until we were on our way out of the park and then he needed his face painted. He got a spider and web, however the girl did a lousy job and to me it just looked like a black blob on his face. He liked it, so that's good.

He also got himself a "pet" snake named Snakey. By the time we got home we'd gotten our money's worth out of this snake.
Upon returning home Jordan invited himself into Kyle's apartment for some wrestling with him and Mohammed. These guys do wear him out (a good thing) but we're gonna have to have a conversation about what's okay play and what's too rough. Jordan's fairly invincible but he also thinks everything's funny and he's going to end up hurt. He spend quite awhile convincing Mohammed to give him back the capo to Kyle's guitar, which had been hidden in the couch. Mohammed learned what it is to give someone a "hint" or "clue" when they're looking for something.

We didn't even make it to Mickey D's at the end of the day before he looked like this:

He told me that yesterday was "the best day ever!" which made me really happy. We had a really good time together and he was SO well behaved. I've really missed one-on-one time with him lately. We're both excited for trips to the pumpkin patch next month and some carving and costume planning.

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