Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Betrayal is the worst feeling...

YOU all know that I'm looking for a new job. I've had three interviews in the past few weeks (one of them just yesterday). The one I had yesterday I was VERY hopeful about because one of our brand new employees came from that office and recommended the job to me AND put in several good words for me (plus, a good friend of our family works there and I think she put in a good word, too).

Today I found out that it's not as likely as I had thought that I'll get it. It sounds like the manager thinks I'm a little young to sit at that front window and get beat up by patients every day. They posted a medical records position but I do NOT want to work in records ANY MORE! I've worked in records about a year too long already and I'm ready to pull my hair out.

This afternoon my boss was leaving early and came in to fill her water bottle like she does every day before she leaves. I said, "You're leaving?" She said yes, something about her son and an appointment and then said, "Why, did you want to talk to me?" I said no, have a nice evening, see you tomorrow, yadda yadda. She said, "Because I heard a rumor about you..." She had this smile on her face the whole time and it's this look she gives when she's giving you a bad time but isn't necessarily mad about anything. I said, "Oh? And what was that rumor?" She said it was about a job interview. I confirmed that yes, I had an interview (at that point there was no reason to deny it, but I didn't tell her that I've actually had three). She asked where. I didn't have to tell her but I did. She asked why I didn't tell her and I said that I didn't think it mattered much until I really thought I'd be leaving. I realize that they could start looking for someone to replace me, etc. but honestly, I hate this place so much that I was almost looking forward to giving my two weeks and then leaving. That sounds sick and mean, and it is, but it's the way I feel about this office lately.

She wouldn't tell me WHERE she heard the rumor, even though I asked about three times. So now I'm really upset. I only told a couple of people that I was looking/interviewing and I really trusted all of them. So either one of them told her, or one of them told somebody who told her. Either way, I was betrayed.

I have one coworker who I'm seriously ready to strangle right now. She won't talk to me, won't look at me, won't even acknowledge me and it's really starting to make me mad because I have done absolutely nothing to her. We have always somewhat butted heads but to give me nasty looks and smirk and roll her eyes and then try to tell me how to do my job is totally not okay with me.

I want out of here so so so so bad.


Luvah said...

Well I don't like this very much at all! And I do not think that it is sick that you want to give your notice. I would too.

Luvah said...

Or mean.