Monday, September 17, 2007

I want to vomit

This weekend was total high stress and today hasn’t been much better. However, when I’m stressed I clean so my house looks awesome.

Saturday was drama with my neighbors. Shelly is Korean and her parents are VERY strict. She is dating Kyle (who is not Korean) and that all blew up Saturday morning (even though they KNOW about Kyle) when they showed up at the apartment and Shelly was at Kyle’s apartment, not her own (they each live on either side of me). By the middle of the afternoon the police were involved and by the end of the night (after they supposedly “left”) they were driving up and down our street and spying on the apartment. This is all still going on, although to the best of our knowledge her parents are back in Roseburg.

Also on Saturday there was a Beaver game. One the way back to my house Steve unknowingly drove over a broken bottle and when we got out of the car all we heard was “TSSSSSSSSSSS…..” He said, “Oh, please tell me that’s your neighbor’s sprinklers…” My neighbors don’t have sprinklers honey, it’s your tire. Ten minutes later it was flat. So he was stranded at my house with a flat. (Not STRANDED but we didn’t feel like changing a tire in the dark with cars parked on either side, him having never changed a tire and me having helped change a tire when I was like 14.)

Because he was stranded (of course) his sister called him, hysterical because of issues going on in her family. She asked Steve to come up and he asked me to go with him. His parents picked us up on their way home and when we got to Albany Linnea called and said never mind, things calmed down. So now it’s 11pm and I’m in Albany and all I really wanted was to sleep in my own bed (which I did get to do).

I woke up in the middle of the night to an unfamiliar sound, which SOUNDED like someone trying to get in my front door (after Shelly’s lunatic dad had been hanging around all day and let me tell you, he is a very short, scary man). It turned out to be my cat scratching on something. Cats should sleep at night.

Sunday morning Shelly came over and spilled her heart to me. She told me today that she’s scared. Her dad has had her so much under his control since she was small that she now has no way to stand up to him.

This morning Kyle told me that he has termites in his shower. This is awesome, since my shower is 3 windows down from his.

And as if all this wasn’t enough, Jordan’s mom sent Steve a picture of herself via pix message this afternoon with a note that said, “Mommy loves you very much and wants to see you very soon.” Yeah, because you’ve made such an effort to even TALK to him since you made yourself look good on his birthday by bringing him a present TWO MONTHS AGO. WHATEVER!

I want to vomit.

I have a job interview tomorrow and it's looking promising. Thank God because I honestly don't think I could last another month here.

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Eva said...

Sorry for the rough couple of days. Hope the week goes better!