Sunday, September 16, 2007

Misc. photos

Just a few pictures I wanted to post!

At coffee on Saturday John made a drink one-handed while he held his grandson who was visiting.
Lani and Tori were in town too which was really fun. I've only seen Tori about 3 times and we had so much fun.
She is a smiley little thing (she's 4 months) and when she started giggling at me I just started laughing and couldn't stop. A baby giggle is the funniest thing!
This picture makes me laugh because of Nikita's tail hanging through the hole in the cat tree.

For awhile now I've wanted to start reading chapter books to Jordan but I wasn't sure he was quite ready as far as attention span. I found The Indian in the Cupboard at my parents' and asked Jordan if he wanted to read it. He said yes. The first time we read it he was pretty squirly and I wasn't sure we'd finish the book, but that's okay. The next day he surprised me by saying, "Kaila, when can we read that indian book again?" Today we read a couple more pages, but today his attention span really WAS short so we didn't get far. It's a little frustrating for him that there are no pictures. I wish I could read in the car because we do a lot of 20 minute drives back and forth between their house and mine. He may not be into chapter books quite yet but I look forward to nights when we can read a chapter before bed and finish a book in a couple of weeks.
My boy and I while Daddy and Papa change a flat tire. (Last night after the game Steve unknowingly ran over a broken bottle and got a flat.)

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