Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy birthday, Kyle!

Friday night we celebrated my neighbor Kyle's 23rd birthday. Some of the guys are moving next week so we celebrated a week early. He and Shelly were at a spa while the guys cleaned and decorated the house. When Kyle came through the front door they bombarded him and started beating him with pillows and tackling him. I had my camera on a different setting from a few days before so this picture is totally not what I expected but actually looks kind of cool!

Watching Kyle open presents (and Jordan with his plastic rotten teeth). Ali, Jordan and Shelly:
Shelly, Jordan and Ali:
Kyle went around and kissed everybody in the room (skipping me) when he opened his brand new orange enV.
The guys kept Jordan entertained for quite some time. That's the place to go when he needs to be worn out from wrestling! lol

What a fun night!

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