Friday, September 14, 2007

Friday Thirteen - 13 reasons I cannot wait to leave my current job

It doesn't quite have the same ring...

Ok, I should save this post for next week because sometimes I have a hard time coming up with TT topics, but it's on my mind now!

13 reasons I cannot wait to leave my current job:

1. I am SO ready for a change.

2. I will be making more money anywhere but here.

3. I will be doing something I enjoy way more than what I'm currently doing.

4. I just might be motivated to get up in the morning and go to work!

5. I won't be working with the backstabbing b**ches I currently work with (sorry).

6. The people in the office where I will probably be working are super nice and make a great team.

7. I will be able to learn new things and not be stuck in a rut all the time, doing the SAME little things every day.

8. I will have more patient contact and a more professional position.

9. Maybe people in this office will start to get a clue about why everyone is leaving.

10. I will miss a very few people from this office (but those few I will miss a lot).

11. It will be a GOOD change! (I usually hate change.)

12. I might finally be able to have some "extra" money, and to eventually buy another car.

13. It's time.

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Stacy Kate said...

I missed you this week! I don't know if it is because you didn't blog as much, or if it is I haven't talked to you in a while. Whatever it is - I missed you. I hope I'll get to talk to you tomorrow morning. I might be up in time to talk to you with my own cup of coffee in my hand instead of still being sleepy in bed. :) Talk to you soon. Love you lots.