Sunday, September 16, 2007

Introducing... (part 1)

My good friend (and coworker) Harvest went to her last prenatal appointment Tuesday afternoon and didn't come back to work! She said they checked her out and said, "Well, looks like you're havin' a baby today!" I went up to see her late that afternoon while she was still in labor. Here she is with her contractions 2 to 3 minutes apart, just chilling out and chatting. She was getting an epidural as I was leaving.

Here she is the next day:Kylin Casey, 6lbs 12oz and 19 inches long. He is such a beautiful baby! I tried to catch his yawn in this picture but my camera was being dumb and I just missed it.

Ryan, pretending to be asleep in one of those oh-so-comfortable hospital beds.

He looks just like his sister!
Mommy and Jazmyn hanging out:

I can't wait for the first Beaver game when she feels like he's doing well enough to leave for a couple of hours and I can babysit! Since the stadium is only 2 blocks away she said she feels ok about leaving him with me since she's so close. Yay!

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