Friday, September 21, 2007

Hi Ho Hi Ho...

I got a call yesterday from the manager of the hospital medical records and he asked if I'm still interested in the position. I called back and said yes. He called me again this morning and asked how much notice I'll need to give at my current job and said he'd get back in contact with me soon. I'm really hoping to get a call this afternoon so that if I AM offered the job I can give my two weeks Monday. It seems interesting to me that he's already asking how much notice I'll need to give with no second interview or anything. But then I guess they got all the information they needed out of me the first time. I do have a couple of questions like if it's ok if I leave 4 minutes early every day in order to catch the bus and if my lunch will only be 30 minutes (since it's 7am to 3:30pm I'm kind of thinking so), etc.

I'm starting to really think about this getting up at 5:30am thing. If I do take the job I'll have two weeks to train myself into going to bed early (which will allow me an extra few hours a night until I actually start getting up at 5:30 - not starting that until I have to!). I realized today that my fave TV shows are on at 10 this season instead of 9 like last season, so they will be getting taped. I'm hoping my VCR in my room has timer settings so I can set it to record at 10 but go to bed at 8:30. The one in the living room has to be manually started. If that's the case in my room then I just won't be watching those two shows!

If I get this job I will really enjoy getting off at 3:30 in the afternoon. If I have evening plans I can go home and take a nap and if not then I can actually finish my day early enough to go to bed early. Plus I'd be able to watch Ellen (Tessa!). Hee hee. I am SO not a morning person so it will be interesting but I think I can adapt. Going to bed early has always been really hard for me so I'll have to get pretty strict with myself on that level (and make sure Diana knows my "bedtime" will be way earlier).

I had my annual evaluation at work today (interesting timing) so I talked with my boss and told her I'll be leaving as soon as I get an offer. I told her a couple of the reasons why but barely touched on the office drama because she's knows it's a huge issue right now. Sucks that a big reason for me leaving is because of it, but hey, if I get this new job I will be making almost $2/hour more (I'm stuck on that fact, can you tell?) so that's good incentive, too.

I'm looking forward to spending time with my boys tomorrow. I'm hoping the weather is nice enough (and somebody's not too tired) so that we can go on a short hike. Sunday I have Jordan for several hours while Steve is working and I think we're gonna make homemade play-doh. We haven't had one-on-on Jordan/Kaila time in awhile so I'm looking forward to that.

Keep sending good job thoughts my way!

Happy birthday to Kyle, Lani and Merlin!!!

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