Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Photo Session

A friend of mine is due with her second baby any day and she asked me to do some maternity pictures for her. This was a little bit weird for both of us because I've never done maternity pictures before and she feels weird posing, but I think we got a couple of nice pictures. I snapped away at her daughter throughout the afternoon too and got some cute photos of her.

I think if I'd had more time to think about things or the means to set up a little "studio" at my house (minus an energetic 4-year-old running around) I could have played around some more and gotten some different stuff. I wish we'd had her husband along and more time to go down to the riverfront too, but oh well. I'm hoping we can do some family/mommy and baby photos after he's born. I do like some of the photos we got.

Kissing Kylin


Upon smelling the rose she looked at me and said, "Eww!"

I could not resist posting this picture. It was a complete accident and totally cracks me up. Her daddy will be so proud. lol

Some photos from the rose garden

This drinking fountain was stuck On and Onyx was thirsty! Goofy dog.

I'm anxious for Harvest to have the baby because she's told me I'm her babysitter during the Beaver football games (ok, there's a small perk to living right next to the stadium) and I want to play around with some baby photos. He'll still be so tiny that he won't care. =) I totally wish I'd thought to take a pregnant shadow picture since I'm into the whole shadow thing right now. =)

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