Sunday, September 2, 2007

Wedding bells

One of my coworkers got married tonight and the wedding was beautiful. They were married at Willamette Valley Vineyards and the sun was shining and there was a slight breeze and everything was gorgeous. Everything was simple but elegant and I loved her choice of flowers. This is what was hanging on the backs of the chairs:

Amanda and Matthew
Man and wife
Mr. and Mrs. Goetz!

Her dress had intricate embroidery in pastel colors on the front and around the bottom. I've never seen a dress like it and it was so beautiful.

During the toasts
The first dance
They took sunset pictures in the vineyard and I snapped this one from the balcony above. On nights like this I wish I had a higher quality camera. =)

The dancing cracked me up. Amanda's two nephews were total hams and kept me laughing. The DJ kept the upbeat music going and Amanda and her girlfriends had a great time on the floor.

Her garter was a blue dog collar (with a dog tage engraved with their names and date of marriage) which is SO them and made for a lot of laughs.

One last picture I snapped in the vineyard

Of course it gets me thinking about my own wedding! I know it's years away but all the same, the more weddings I go to the more tidbits I pick up and the more I think about details I love and don't love so much. Maybe someday I'll post more about those details but right now it's past my bedtime. =)

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Kati said...

Oh I love weddings!!! Great pictures! Congratulations to your friend!