Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Story, continued...

Well, I took the story down. I just wasn't comfortable having all that drama posted here.

As of last night, Shelly is independant.

Kyle called me around 7:45 and said, "I need you over here." He was talking to Shelly online. She was throwing questions at him and he was feeling like he failed her. Apparently when someone was trying to get in the back door, it was HER. Her parents were disowning her and they told her to go and get Kyle and see if he would stand with her. He had no idea it was her out there.

He went to her last night (at the library) to talk to her face to face because they were talking in circles online. He texted me a little later and said, "It's going down. She's leaving her parents. I'm probably driving to Roseburg tonight to talk to her father." Yikes!

They never did drive to Roseburg. By the time they were finished talking to her mother and had parted ways with her, her father was in town. Shelly came home with Kyle last night with some clothes and some school supplies. No car, no computer, no iPod, nothing.

Kyle texted me again this morning and said, "I feel freaking ten feet tall! WE DID IT! Yayah!" He said Shelly is so much stronger and is taking steps to getting her life back. I am so proud of her.

I would never wish disownment on anyone, but I know that she will become so much healthier and happier in the long run. She can finally live her own life. She is her own person again. We have our Shelly back.

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