Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thoughts and observations

Driving past the U-Haul place this morning I noticed the number of trucks in the parking lot. I have never seen so many U-Haul's in one place! Apparently a LOT of college students moved a LOT of stuff last week!

Watching Two And A Half Men last night (my new favorite show):
Uncle Charlie: "Jake, your uncle Charlie is getting a vasectomy."
Jake: "Okay." (continues eating breakfast)
*long pause*
Jake: "What's wrong with the car you have?"

Patients seriously drive me crazy sometimes. And then when I try to explain their mistake they totally don't get it and I have to try to find different wording to make it clearer. Sometimes medical assistants drive me crazy, too. I've had several patients lately who fill out records releases and say they want their records sent to "OHSU" or "VA Hospital". Okay, those places are HUGE and you have GOT to give me something more to go on! I need a phone number or something! And then there was the lady who wanted her records sent from someplace in another state to "Corvallis Samaritan Mammography." Okay, there's a Corvallis Mammography and a Samaritan Mammography, but they are two different places and there is no Corvallis Samaritan Mammography. PLUS, our office has nothing to do with the mammography offices or the other-state-practice so why are you using our records release? When I called her to explain the situation she was telling me that she just moved here and is so frazzled and doesn't know where anything is. As it turns out, she's lived here for a couple of years.

I hate patients who lie.

I got my hair cut last night! Erica wanted me to go super short, like it was in 8th grade (cut in a bob, just below my ears) but I didn't go quite that short. I have got to be able to pull it back in a ponytail. Kyle told me I have somewhat of a Jennifer Love Hewitt look.

Facebook is so much better than MySpace.

Although I am extremely excited to get out of this office, I have some great coworkers who are very excited for me but sad to see me go. I'm understanding that they all think I do my job well and that makes me feel good.

There's a chance I might get to babysit for Harvest during the game on Saturday - yay!

When I called my mom to tell her about the job she said that my dad told her if I got a new job they would take me shopping for a new outfit. When I called my dad to tell him and mentioned that to him he said yeah, they're taking me to K-Mart. Hey, I shop there! lol

But really, I will go shopping in the next couple of weeks, partly because my wardrobe should become slightly more professional, and partly because this is a good excuse to go shopping! I want to hit up Goodwill, Ross, Old Navy, K-Mart, Northern Star and Second Glance. I'm thinking I can probably get some decent, cheap stuff at any of those places and since so many of them are hit-and-miss shopping, hopefully I'll find a little something at each one to add up to some nice new clothes. =) I'm dragging my sister along - she has great taste.

Okay, I can't stop smiling! Monday was the most awful day and today I feel so happy. I think I was getting more and more depressed about my job and I feel like this one came just in time. It's weird to think I'll only be here 12 more days...

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