Monday, October 8, 2007

Almond milk

The last time I went grocery shopping I decided to buy some soy milk and try it out. Also on that isle was almond milk, which I've always wanted to try. I love almonds, so I figured I'd probably like the milk. The box looks like this. Notice how smooth and white the milk looks on the front.

The actual milk looks like this:

It's a lot more beige than white and is actually much thicker than milk. It's more the consistency of, say, whole milk or a melted milkshake. It's also incredibly sweet. Kind of like drinking a melted milkshake. But maybe not quite that sweet. It was hard for me to drink a glass in replacement of actual milk because it has such a different taste than I'm used to, but I'll keep giving it a try. I've been having a LOT more stomach aches lately so I'm trying some new approaches to some things. (This is actually an excuse to try soy and almond milk because I actually drink acidophilus for my stomach issues and it works great.) It actually wasn't that expensive in comparison to the milk I drink now and I buy that milk at an entirely different store, which is a hassle. If I could cut down on how often I buy the acidophilus, that might be nice...

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