Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Frickin' A!

Having a pissed off morning here!

For the second time in two weeks I walked out of the house without my purse. How I manage to do this, I am not sure. It sits right next to my backpack and I always take it with me when I leave, so I don't know why these two days were different.

The last time it was only a minor issue. My bus drivers know me so I never show them my ID anyway. I didn't have my badge to clock in and out at work, but I can write that down for my boss and still get paid. Diana was able to hide a house key for me and I skipped taking my daily picture of the tree changing colors (because my camera lives in my purse). Survived that day just fine.

Today, however, it's a big problem. My badge and keys pose the same problem as before. However, I was going to balance my checkbook today, and that's in my wallet. I was going to buy Steve's anniversary present after work, and my debit card is in my wallet. I was also going to take the bus to Albany tonight and to do that I need my school ID, which is in my wallet! AND I've needed my inhaler twice in the last two days and that's in my purse, too! (So here's to praying that I can breathe just fine today.)

I texted Steve all in a huff and mad at myself and I think he's going to bring my purse to me after he gets off work today, which is very sweet because that requires him to go out of his way.

Guess I'll be leaving my purse somewhere else from now on so I don't forget it!!! I absolutely cannot forget my badge when I start my new job because that badge is what grants me access to secure parts of the hospital.

Come on Mikaila, get it together.

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