Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To Do

This probably means nothing to you guys, but here are the things I have to do before I leave my job:
  • Clear out my inbox (and do everything in my inbox).
  • Make sure I'm caught up with my scanning pile.
  • Make sure there are no voicemails on my phone and no pending voicemails on my message pad.
  • Update the voicemail message on the phone.
  • Put away all the charts to be refiled.
  • Updated my phone list for Kay to use (and make a copy for myself because it will probably come in handy at my next job).
  • Make sure all the information Kay will need is up to date in the notebook I made her.
  • Transfer all my personal files and pictures from my computer onto my jump drive.
  • Tidy my desk to make it operational for anyone.
  • Clear out all of my trinkets/personal items. (This includes a bajillion pictures, personal sticky notes, personal pen holder, a drawer of food items and a drawer of crap.)
  • Make sure I've picked up my toothbrush in the employee bathroom and anything that's mine in the fridge/freezer.
  • Say my goodbyes. =(

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