Monday, October 1, 2007

Autumn days

I found my first letterbox on Saturday! Diana, Kendra, Onyx and I went for a long walk and this is the box I found. I felt really stupid when I got there because I've been keeping my stamp in my purse to show people and forgot to take it with me! I put my trail name and the date in the journal and will go back later and stamp it.

We went for a walk by the creek where I used to spend HOURS when I was younger. I've never been there with all the fall colors and it was gorgeous.

Onyx decided she didn't mind the cold water and spent a good amount of time splashing around (and then coming out and splashing us).

A dog and her bone

Kendra told me to climb up on this log and she'd take my picture. I stepped back, took a running leap, Diana tried to help me up, almost fell in the creek, and I ended up with this lovely bruise on my arm.

Today it's even more green and painful.
However, we did get some good pictures, once I climbed onto the log. (Why I thought I could jump up on a log that was as high as my chest, I have no idea.)

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