Monday, October 29, 2007

Hallo! My name is Inigo Montoya...

So, you know how I said they were gonna have me train more this week and then I'd be on my own next week? Yeah, I was on my own today! The person I was supposed to be training with is out with is out with pneumonia (sure makes me want to train with her later this week!) so I was mostly just running the front desk, which was good too.

The morning started with me getting up 25 minutes late (the time I should have been getting OUT of the shower, not getting in!) when Diana came and knocked on my door and said, "Shouldn't you be up?" FREAKING out, I sat bolt upright and looked at my clock thinking crap, I probably have like 5 minutes to be out the door. Thank God I had time for a super quick shower. Then (sorry guys, this is probably too much information), I got to work and started my period. Awesome. I was just waiting for my lunch break all morning because after lunch I always feel like I'm on the home stretch and can make it through the rest of the afternoon. I had to run across the street to the pharmacy on my lunch break and I only get 30 minutes, so that cut into my time. Then when I got into the cafeteria I ran into two former coworkers, both big talkers. So by the time I actually sat down to eat, I had about 12 minutes left in my break and several people had texted me with questions that I had to answer so I ended up scarfing my pizza. But then when I get back from lunch I only have like 2 1/2 hours left to work and I usually end up forgetting to take an afternoon break because I have stuff to wrap up before the shift change at 3.

I came home from work and Tessa told me that my cat misplaced her laser light. She tends to pick things up and carry them around at will (socks, her fluffball toys, lasers, apparently) and we couldn't find it anywhere. I figured she'd bring it back eventually, because she usually brings things back eventually, but Tessa stuck her hand down in the couch and voila! Dumb cat. Often times I go to bed with a fluffball on the living room floor and wake up to it on my bed, next to the sleeping cat. She sure does crack me up.

Alrighty, pumpkin patch blog, comin right up!

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Anonymous said...

K - I gotta tell you I'm a little confused by the title of this blog, but no matter. Glad to hear you are still liking your job! You never called me back on made me sad. :(