Thursday, October 18, 2007

So tired...

Somebody (anonymously) commented on my blog and said "So, when are you getting married? Or do you not believe in that?"

I totally believe in it! We're getting married, just not super soon. We're taking things as they come and not rushing. It's a big deal to us to take our time, especially since Jordan's heart is involved, too.

Anyway, today I was thrown into the fiery pit at work! They put me on phones and stuck me at the front desk! But it's not like I'm all alone - there are like 5 people I can ask questions to. They told me there's always the hold button and I can be "new" for as long as I want. I survived, but it was scary. =)

I am SERIOUSLY thinking about getting a pair of nursing shoes. I'm taking my pedometer tomorrow to see just how far I walk. It's far. My feet hurt.

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