Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 13 things I am looking forward to about my new job

1. Having a window to the outside! I've been working in an enclosed room for 4 years.

2. Getting off work at 3:30 and having an afternoon to DO things!

3. Going to bed early (surprising, but I am looking forward to this).

4. Being able to get an ice water from the cafeteria every morning on my way to work. I drink more water when it's through a straw (go figure).

5. Getting a new badge with a current picture. I was 16 in my old picture. Ironically, my hair is the same length now.

6. Learning new things.

7. Meeting new people.

8. Being able to run errands after work, unlike Tuesday when the bus was late and I missed my chance.

9. Having a boss who is (I'm fairly positive) a Christian.

10. Learning my way around the hospital.

11. Being right down the hall from the cafeteria and right across the street from the pharmacy (these could also pose as bad things and will probably be more bad than good).

12. Making more money!!!

13. Having 6 more paid vacation days every year (a perk of working directly under the hospital).

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