Thursday, October 11, 2007

My Samaritan Family

As I wrote before, one of my coworkers is putting together a scrapbook for one of our doctors who is leaving. I was in charge of taking everyone's pictures and today Katherine gave me a CD of them. These are the people I work with!

Dr. O. (the one who's leaving):
Dr. Garrett
Dr. Carr
Nancy and Dr. Graham (team coach for the OSU beavers)

Jody (nurse practitioner) and Misty:
Me and my boss!
The two crazies at the front desk. (These women are SO exuberant and funny.)
Peggy (another receptionist)
Katherine (yet another receptionist)
Johnna, doing what we all feel like doing some days...
Erica (bad picture)
Christina and Dawn
Marlene and Katherine
Those wacky women in the back... Rachel from x-ray and Michelle from the lab:
It's gonna be hard to leave this place. I wrote cards to everyone today and that was emotional! I know I'm gonna cry like a baby tomorrow. If anyone sheds one tear I will be over the edge.

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Anonymous said...

Erica's hair is long! I almost didn't recognize her! Good luck tomorrow.