Friday, October 12, 2007

Cats and ghosts and underwear, oh my!

When Harvest came over last weekend my cat decided Kylin's carseat made the best bed ever. We had to throw a blanket over it because there was absolutely no keeping her out of it.

Then when I was cleaning out my sock drawer she was hunting around in the open space in the dresser where the drawer had been and came out all covered in wood dust. She looked like she'd been snowed on and was walking around the house sneezing for about 20 minutes. She crawled out of the dresser, walked over to the drawer, stepped inside and sniffed it and plopped right down. Uh, 'scuse me cat, I'm workin' here!

The other night Jordan and I tried to make slime. The recipe we used was similar to the one Stacy and I used as kids, but it didn't turn out. The ingredients were the same, but the instructions were different so I'll have to dig out my old recipe again. Here he is with our attempted slime...
Instead of slime, we made salt dough ghosts. When I walked in the door he was watching a movie on the bed in his underwear. I asked him if he wanted to put some clothes on before we started and he said, "Nope! I like making ghosts in my underwear!" Made it really easy to throw him in the tub when we were done. =)

Steve's dad came in while we were shaping the dough and asked Jordan if he could have some. Jordan happily handed him a ball, probably thinking he was going to make something. As he raised it to his mouth I said, "Don't eat it! It's salt and flour!" He looked at me like, "Why would you make dough like that?" Hey, it's ghost dough. =)
Here is our family of ghosts! (Complete with a "dead ghost" though I'm not sure what a dead ghost is.)
These two are my favorites.

Here I turned on my camera to take a video and he was posting sweetly for a picture. I told him "Be a ghost!" and this is his ghost impression:

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