Wednesday, October 10, 2007

You never know who will pop back into your life

We had a volunteer come in this morning, Jennifer. She walked in the door and I thought, wow, she looks really familiar. Then it dawned on me. She and her twin sister were the on-site managers at the quad where Diana and I met.

That made the morning a little bit awkward because while Diana and I were extremely frustrated and unhappy with their managing skills, we tried to be nice. They, on the other hand, were not so nice. Sometimes it was just inconsiderate, like standing outside my window at 11pm, talking to their friends at the top of their lungs about the frat party they went to. Sometimes it was actual rudeness like stuffing a desk and lamp and other things that weren't ours in the utility closet in our kitchen, just because they needed storage space. We argued that we were paying to rent that space and we wanted to use our utility closet, but they didn't care.

On top of that, they were Daddy's little girls just living there (probably rent free) so that there were on-site managers. We paid a cleaning deposit, but when we moved in there were dead bugs in the light covers in the kitchen and half an inch of dust on top of the bathroom mirror. Clean? I don't think so. On top of that, it took them 3 weeks to fix Diana's broken light switch, they never did fix our screen door that fell off and the day before we moved out they replaced the light bulb in the fridge that had been out since we moved in.

And then there was their dad. When we moved out they said they'd be getting our deposits back to us soon. After about two weeks I called to check on the deposits. He told me his wife was out of the country and had just gotten back and then was leaving the country again in a few days so we should have them soon. Another week and a half goes by and I walk into their business to ask him face to face, "Hey, what gives?" He was extremely rude to me and told me that legally they have 30 days to get us our deposits and that we WOULD be getting them. One of his employees apologized to me for his behavior and I told him, "It's not your fault, but I sure won't be recommending anyone to him as a tenant or a customer."

29 days after moving out we got our deposits back.

Diana got almost all of hers back. They charged me for nail holes in the wall (funny, I asked them about those and they said to just spackle them and it would be fine - which I did), a broken lock on the door to the kitchen (worked fine when I moved out) and a burnt out light bulb (which did not exist). Yep, won't be recommending them.

Ladies and gents, don't visit Schaeffer's on 9th street and don't rent from R4.

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