Sunday, November 25, 2007

The 200th post

We went and played in the snow today! My feet are still cold. I'll try to post pictures this week.

Diana and I talked some more this evening about moving. It looks like she's moving out the weekend before Christmas. That's SOON! And as of 5:00 today I officially have a place to live!!! Brooke said I can move in at the end of December, and since the room is standing empty until then, I'm not sure it matters which weekend I move in. I may try to move the same weekend as Diana so that we can share "movers" (i.e. our buff brothers and friends), or I may move the next weekend so that it's AFTER Christmas (although it might be better to move before...?) and I'll have that extra week to pack and get ready. But then I think maybe it makes more sense to pack together to keep everything separate... Who the heck knows. All I know is that I'm moving in 4 or 5 weeks and that's really freaking soon.

I may have a place for my cat to live. My cousin's girlfriend and her family may be taking her, which would be great.

I have sold half of my stereo system. The weird lady from last week turned out to be a scam (after I refused to give her my address I never heard from her again). This guy is only buying the stereo, faceplate and remote, so it's only $75 but I need the money!! Now the hard part is going to be packing and shipping it. Especially since he's sending me a post dated check which means I have to cover the shipping cost until I can cash the check, and that's gonna be expensive because it's heavy. But hey, I'll have that off my hands. I only REALLY hope I can sell the sub and speakers in the next 4 weeks so I don't have to move them.

Still on my list:

- Come up with $600
- Buy a car

This week I'm hopefully picking up some moving boxes and will start packing things like books and movies. Then it's time to start sorting and throwing out!

Oh, the joys of moving. I may be scarce during the next few weeks.

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