Monday, November 26, 2007

Trying for an early bedtime...

I can tell my days are going to seem crazy busy for the next month. I sure am glad I'm not in school right now! I would have no time to study.

I called my credit union after work today and they're checking into a loan (how much I can be approved for) and we have a solution (albeit not a great one, but I don't really have a choice) for me to get $600. At least I'll only owe myself.

I'm still waiting to hear back from my cousin's girlfriend on whether they can take my cat, but she's the least of my worries right now. Yesterday I caught her chewing on my laptop's power cord and right as I went to shoo her away, my computer screen went dim. The stupid animal ruined the cord. Thank GOD I have a spare because I sure can't afford a new cord right now! And as much as I use my laptop, I'd be in some serious trouble if it died. I also got a variation of the Blue Screen of Death the other day (this version had words) which I've never seen before, so I'm PRAYING that my laptop doesn't bite it. That's all I need right now.

The biggest thing still on my plate is finding a car. I had a good lead on a '93 Subaru Legacy tonight (for a thousand bucks and in great condition!), but apparently the lady misunderstood the guy coming to look at it. She thought he wasn't gonna show, but it turns out he was (and is probably there now) and is fairly sure he'll buy the car. So that idea's probably out the window. I lowered my criteria but I'm still sticking to automatic and 4-door. I sent about 6 e-mails with questions about various cars, so we'll see what the next day or two brings.

I'm still trying to decide which weekend to move, but that will probably be decided after I get a car and start packing. I probably won't decide until about the week before because it will just depend on how ready I am to move the closer it gets. Diana and I went and picked up about 20 empty office paper boxes today. We stuffed them ALL in her little Civic. That was a sight to see! So now I can start packing books and movies and knick knacks and things I won't need in the next few weeks. Does anybody have any books/movies that belong to me? I loan things out and then forget about them. And Carrie, I will get Inkheart back to you soon. I may have to borrow it again someday to finish it. =)

I'm off to put stir fry away (lunch for a week!) and head to bed.


mommy mel said...

Sounds like you are going to be a busy lady these next few weeks. I'm always amazed at how much there is to pack from the kitchen...sure, some plates, cups, silverware, cooking stuff etc...and before I know it, I'm only half way done and have 6 way too heavy totes sitting on the table.

Good luck...and Happy Holidays

Carrie said...

That sounds just fine! =) Just give it to Jenny and I'll get it back from her when she's done. Then you can borrow it from me again whenever you are ready. Which sounds like it won't be for . . . awhile! (Movie comes out Sept. 2008 so you have time.) =D