Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My hopes are up!

I'm feeling good today!

My cousin's girlfriend wrote me today and said that her mom as already ok'd taking Critter and now she's working on her dad but she thinks there's a good chance they can take her. YAY! I'm super happy about that because I know they'll take good care of her and I can still see her on occasion.

Also, I have a very good lead on a car. It's a '92 Toyota Corolla. And it turns out, the woman selling it is in Diana's department at work! I asked her how she thought "Xiumei" was pronounced and she goes, "Hey, I know her!" It's a small world.

I'm hoping to be able to test drive the car on Friday and maybe buy it next week! My bank was supposed to get back to me yesterday on how much I can be pre-approved for on a loan and I have yet to hear from them, but assuming I like the car and decide to buy it, I could have a car by the end of next week!

I have found the downside to working in the hospital. At a small clinic you sometimes run into information on people that you know, but it's usually boring information and just goes in one ear and out the other. Working at the main hospital you learn very interesting/detailed things about people and sometimes that's a disadvantage. Today I learned that the victim of a horrible car accident that I read ALL about this morning was a very close friend of one of my relatives. When I found out who it was I wanted to throw up because the accident was that bad. My prayers are with the victim's family and all those involved.

Last night I went to bed at 7:45 and it felt so good. Obviously that's not the case tonight, but I'm on my way to bed. I got our Christmas picture back today and it looks fantastic! I also got my first Christmas card in the mail today - thanks, Nana! It's beautiful. =)

Keep your fingers crossed about the car for me!

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