Sunday, December 2, 2007

Touching down

I miss blogging every day. Life is CRAZY and I have been getting stomach aches every day from the stress. PMS is making it ten times worse this week.

I am still on the (very frustrating) quest for a car. I have a couple of fairly good leads right now (one is actually really good) so I am HOPING and PRAYING that I am able to buy a car by the end of this week. I have the money and insurance side all squared away so the trick now is just finding something. That will remove SO much stress for me. Plus allow me to start moving 6 or 8 boxes at a time in my car when I make trips to the new place.

I found out that my bedroom at my new place will need painted before I move in (well, it doesn't NEED it but it's green which SO does not match anything I own and if I don't do it before I move in, I'll never do it), so that's been added to my list. As soon as I have a car I'll be buying paint and probably going over on a weekend (with maybe a few evenings thrown in) to get that done before my move-in date on the 22nd.

I *think* Critter has a home and I'm praying that doesn't fall through because I think it would be a good home for her. She adjusted really well when we first got her so I'm hopeful that she'll adjust well again.

Diana is making fun of me because I've already started packing. I have family Christmas parties every weekend between now and moving and I have a ton more crap than she does, so sometimes I feel like I should have started 3 weeks ago! But a few boxes here and there makes a difference. I'm hoping to tackle my room in the next couple of days (which includes going through my closet - a task I hate). The cat thinks moving is the best thing ever because there are so many boxes to play in!

I told Diana, if the weather is like this the weekend we move, I am going to cry. It hasn't stopped raining for 2 days and the wind gusts are impressive.

I'm off to bed. I had to redo a load of laundry tonight because the moron before me apparently did not shake out his clothes before washing them and mine came out completely coated in sand. Lovely.

I'll try to post pictures this week because I have a lot! Speaking of pictures, I have to start working on the end of the year slideshow for my church (which I should have started long ago), which will require actually getting pictures from people for events I wasn't at.

I'm thinking out loud. =) G'night!

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Grandma S. said...


Stacy told us about the Blog pages when we had dinner with here a month or so ago and I just ran across the addresses so looked you up and it was interesting to see what you were up to. You are a busy girl.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Schwindt Christmas this weekend. Hope to get to visit with you more there.

Love, Grandma S