Thursday, December 6, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 13 reasons things are looking up (because I'm incredibly stressed and I need to think of the positive!)

1. I FOUND A CAR TO BUY! Today was the second time I looked at it (the first being after the Toyota Corolla turned out to be a piece of crap). It's a '99 Chevy Malibu and they're selling it to me for $2,000. I'm having it checked out by a mechanic on Wednesday and if everything comes back ok then I'll have a car by the end of next week! Isn't it a beauty?

2. I'm excited about painting my new room. I ran my color scheme by Brooke and she said it would be fine so I get to paint my room the way I've wanted to for quite some time. =) I've recruited my sister's help, but if anyone wants to join in the painting party... I have no idea when it will be! Brooke said she needs to do some wall repair before I can paint because she just had a new heater put in.

3. I still think I have a home for my cat though I'm waiting for the 100% for sure message.

4. I also may have a truck and trailer to move with. I forgot Steve's brother has a box trailer that he uses to haul music equipment and I'm trying to get him to agree to let us use it. Things would go so much faster! I think we could get it all moved in one trip (especially if we have 2 extra pickups).

5. I'M GONNA HAVE A CAR! (And by the end of the year like I planned, although I also only planned on buying one car this year.)

6. I have most of my Christmas shopping done (it's an easy year). I found Stacy great stuff last night so I'm happy about that. =) Diana had me stumped but I came up with a good idea for her, so pretty much the only person I have left is Tessa! And my new roommates but I have them figured out, I just have to buy for them.

7. I'm going to be out of this apartment in two weeks! I love this location but I don't really like the place itself. It's ok but it's small and there is NO storage. Of course now that I'm moving out I realize all the things I hate about it. lol


9. I bought the new Josh Groban Christmas CD and I love it! I also got an instrumental (piano) Christmas CD in September and I've started listening to that and it's BEAUTIFUL!

10. I get to see my boys tonight!

11. I have a start on my packing. I still have a LONG way to go (yikes), but the living room is pretty much done (I probably have one more box worth) and I got a good start on my closet. I need to get some really big boxes for linens, etc. because they're not heavy. I'm dreading the kitchen, but I'm also anxious to start taking boxes over once I have the car. After I paint. Oy.

12. It's almost Christmas! I'm very excited because I'll be moved, I'll have a car, I'll be with family and because it's Christmas! It's one of my favorite days of the year.

13. Obviously, I'M BUYING A CAR!

This thrills me.

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