Friday, December 7, 2007

You did WHAT?

Today was NUTS at work. We were basically down from 5 people to 2. Also, it's the end of the week so a LOT of physician's who get suspension warning letters on Wednesday (yes, they can get suspended) come in to do their charts on Thursday and Friday.

In the middle of the chaos my mom walked in! It was cool to see her and let her see where I work and for her to meet my manager, who was "honored" to meet her. Then she told me that she was there because my brother was downstairs in x-ray.

He sprained his left wrist and BROKE his right wrist.

How, you ask?

Playing unicycle hockey.

For those of you who want details, apparently it's a tiny bone that doesn't get much blood and he has to be REALLY careful with it in the next few days. No movement, no swelling, basically no use. In a week or two he'll go to see an orthopedic surgeon and they will probably take the cast off, look at it and recast it. He'll probably be wearing a cast for 2 to 3 months. He has yet to find out how this will affect him at work (he got his new job the same week I got mine).

I'm sure he'd appreciate your prayers! Those of you who see him will probably get to sign his cast. =) Come up with your witty lines now!

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