Monday, November 19, 2007


A couple of days ago I changed my blog header to a sunset picture. I loved the picture and the way it fit with the blog title but it was all oranges, etc. and it didn't match the blue of my blog. I tried to change the colors, but the dark blue background is not changeable - it's part of the template. SO, I was laying in bed the other night and remembered this picture that I took on our anniversary trip to the coast. I think it matches a lot better! And I actually like this photo better for my blog header. So, to the people who liked the last one, I hope you also like this one! And for the people who never saw the last one, I hope you like this one! =)


Jenny said...

I like it! I didn't know your email address so I had to do a comment. but it s fine if you use my pooh picture=)

Carrie said...

I like it too!