Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Whew! My brain is so full! I'll start at the beginning.

My roommate told me a couple of months ago (or sometime recently) that she's dropping out of the PhD program at OSU. She's been thinking about it for awhile and is quitting at the end of this term (in just a couple of weeks). She's been working in one of the labs for about a year and a half and one of her professors was going to hire her to work through the end of next summer. Yesterday she found out that she can't be hired after all (something about money) so as of the end of December she'll be jobless.

This leaves her a couple of options. She could either move back home to the Portland area, or she could try to find a job here and stay through next summer when our lease expires. She really has no reason to stay here (other than our lease) so she talked to her parents about it yesterday and I think she's decided to move back home.

This means breaking our lease, which I really have no problem with because I hate our managers and a lot of other things about this place, *except* that it's $1,200 to break the lease.

I have two friends in Albany who have a house (the house belongs to the grandfather of one of them and when he passes away, she inherits the house) and they are looking for a third roommate. The house is available December 1st but they told me that they could cover a third of the rent if I wasn't able to move in until January (it would actually be the very end of December). Rent would be cheaper there than here because it includes utilities, which I have to pay extra for right now. Plus the perks of living in a HOUSE (private backyard, washer and dryer, garage, etc.).

At this point, it looks like I am moving to Albany in less than 6 weeks. That means I have less than 6 weeks to come up with $600 (my half of breaking the lease) and a CAR. I've been checking out craigslist this week and today I e-mailed a couple of people with questions about potential cars. Ironically, the three I am looking at are all very similar in year and make. So I'll probably end up with an early 90's Honda!

The worst part for me is that I was told I can't bring my cat. One of my friends already has a cat and isn't supposed to, so she told me it wouldn't be ok for me to bring Critter. I feel awful about it because we haven't had Critter for THAT long (just since summer) and I'd hate to change her home again. I can't give her to my parents because I already dumped my last cat on them when I moved the first time. Diana can't take her because her mom is deathly allergic and Critter would never survive as a barn cat at Diana's - especially with all the coyotes around there. Steve already has two cats and probably isn't taking them when HE moves. Everybody else I know is either allergic, can't have a cat where they live, or hates cats. It's a predicament. My best shot at this point is to contact the people we got her from. They told me if for some reason she didn't work out, to let them know. I'm sure they meant if she didn't adjust, but I want her to go to a place where I know she'll be well taken care of. She really is a good cat. Anybody want a young, sweet kitty? She'll sleep on your bed at night and keep you laughing with her antics!

I have *possibly* sold my car stereo system. I got an e-mail last night from a woman who said she'd like to buy it and asked for details on it, which I gave her. She told me she lives in Oregon but is on business in Michigan and could I please send her my address so she can mail me payment. She said once I receive the payment then she'll arrange to pick everything up. And she needs all this done by Tuesday next week. I don't think so lady - that sounds too fishy. I never said anything about receiving payment before she picks up the equipment, so I'm not sure why she thinks she needs to do that. Plus, she's seen pictures of the stuff, but not the actual stuff. So I told her that rather than give her my address, I'd like to set up a time next week to meet somewhere (with Steve) and exchange money and equipment all at once. I thought maybe the parking lot of my bank so I can just go right in and deposit the money. Haha. So if that DOES end up working, there's half of my $600. However, after I told her that I didn't get anymore responses, so hopefully it wasn't a shot at a scam. (If it was, go me for not falling for it.)

Anyway, if y'all could pray for me, that would be splendid. Just that everything will fall into place (my managers not being the typical jerks that they are, the house staying available, buying a car...) and that I'll be able to come up with the money. To my guy friends, I'll probably be asking you to help with moving at the end of December! But don't worry, you'll get incentive. I'm a pain in the butt to move.

Also, for those of you who read my Christmas wish list - scratch everything. I want CASH this Christmas. =)

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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