Friday, November 2, 2007


I am SO glad the weekend is here. Work was crazy today! Usually around 3:00 when the evening shift comes in, I start cleaning up my stuff and I do some busy work like sorting mail or, this week, reading policies and procedures. Even though Fridays are insane days, I'd never had one as busy as today. I was running around like a mad woman until the minute I had to walk out the door. The Emergency Room is really busy on Fridays and yesterday I only went down there once, but today I think I went down 8 times, and 4 of those were in the last hour of work!

When I go to the ER, I enter through the "back" door, walk the length of the hallway, deliver the chart, and exit through the "front" door. On one trip down today I walked in the back door, and Security was in the hallway. Well great, that means there's a Crazy there and I have to walk past them. I don't mind that, I just always hope there isn't a scene. RIGHT as I was walking past, this woman comes barreling out of the room wearing a hospital gown and holding a sheet around her waist. She said to the security guard, "Hey, where's that shrink lady? I wanna talk to her again!" I delivered my chart and headed back upstairs. Just as I got there, they called for another chart, so I found it and headed back down. I reminded myself while I was walking down the hallway that I should go in the front door, but when I reached the back door, I automatically pushed the button to open it, and walked in. As I turned the corner, there was the Crazy, still standing outside her room. As I walked past she was waving her arm at the security guard and saying, "You're not even in my galaxy. You're not even up to warp speed!"


When I mentioned yesterday that bosses are frustrating... Oy, they sure are. Yesterday morning I was pulling charts and my supervisor and another coworker were standing in front of the shelves (in my way), talking. I said excuse me once or twice while I was going back and forth on the shelves, but they stood and talked for like 10 minutes. It would have been one thing if they were talking about something work related, or even something... regular. But no, they were talking about The System (the county court system) and their messed up families. Abusive husbands and how the Court wouldn't do anything about them unless they really hurt a child (i.e. put them in the hospital). An ex-daughter-in-law who lives with you and makes 2 grand a month but doesn't contribute to living expenses and another daughter who works her butt off with no assistance and is a single mom because she was raped and chose to keep the baby (okay, I actually have some admiration for that). I wanted to say something but I really didn't feel like it was my place. Had one of them not been my supervisor I might have, but I didn't feel comfortable. The reason this is so frustrating to me is that we got an e-mail last week saying there's too much chit chatting going on up front, and then they stand around and talk about their dysfunctional families. As least we talk about normal stuff!

Work is an interesting place!

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