Thursday, November 1, 2007

Thursday Thirteen - 13 things

1. I can't believe it's November! It's almost Thanksgiving and then Christmas is right after that!

2. I totally wish I could be a stay at home mom.

3. People who start their laundry and then leave it in the washer/dryer for hours really make me mad.

4. I love it when Tessa visits!

5. Supervisors are extremely frustrating sometimes.

6. Boyfriends are also extremely frustrating sometimes.

7. I gave myself a really fine paper cut today today and it's right on the curve of the tip of my finger, which basically touches everything no matter what I do and it stings!

8. I replaced the bag in my vacuum and now I can't get part of it back on and it's making me mad.

9. My cat is a total spazz and is really funny.

10. I live for Friday afternoons when I get to leave work and I really hate Sunday evenings when I know I have to get up super early the next day and go back to work.

11. It's not my fault when doctors don't sign their charts for over 200 days, so why are they so rude to me when they finally come in to sign them?

12. Favorite foods of the week: Yoplait peach yogurt, egg salad, raspberry silk cake and MILK (which I am out of).

13. I still really miss blogging and I've really enjoyed taking lots of pictures lately.

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