Thursday, December 13, 2007

Oh snap, I have a car!

I GOT IT! I officially have my "second first car."

I love it.

My dad and I changed a headlight and a taillight last night and gave her a quart of oil. Sometime soon (probably next week) I need to take it in for about $600 worth of maintenance (oil change, brake check, 2 new tires, alignment, new this, flush that, etc.) but the mechanic said it's mechanically sound and just needs a good tune up. And my mom told me she and my dad wanted to pay for the mechanic fee, so I came out of there a little richer (and a couple thousand poorer) than I had expected.

Tonight is off to the new house to get my key and measure my room, and tomorrow the painting begins (drum roll please...). If I remember, I'll take before and after pictures. Right now the room is green (ew).

Off to work!

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Kati said...

Yeah for new cars...and for parents who want to help out a little!

Congratulations, and I can't wait to see before and afters of the room! Don't people around here know that Green is the color of the not so favorable team to our south!!!