Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday Seven - 7 things I will NOT miss about living here

1. The blasted hall closet. The door has been off it's hinges for months and will NOT go back on, no matter how hard we try.

2. Having to do dishes by hand! I am so horrible about doing my dishes and at the new place I will have a dishwasher!!!

3. Community laundry facilities. Diana's had her clothes bleached because of other people, I've had mine come out full of sand, you end up waiting hours to do laundry because people wash their clothes and forget them... I can't wait to have non-coin-operated laundry! And be able to throw my clothes in the dryer anytime without it costing!

4. The idiots across the backyard. They're parties and dogs and trash... We've been fortunate so far that they haven't partied much this year.

5. No storage. Even stuff I don't really use but need to keep for whatever reason has to sit in the middle of everything because there is NO storage in this apartment. Thank goodness for huge bedroom closets, but there is one tiny hall closet and no other storage to speak of. At the new place there is a whole garage attic that's empty and just waiting for my crap to fill it!

6. Close proximity to 19 other people. Every time a door slams, a car starts, a dog barks, a person yells, you hear it. I'll live on a busy street so obviously there will still be car and people noise, but at least there will be a yard or a street between us and the next house, not just a wall.

7. Living 2 blocks from the stadium. It would be cool if I was a Beaver fan, but I am not. I dreaded game days when the drunks would park in our parking lot and the partiers would go all night, etc. It's a little too central to the college scene for me.

I WILL miss Corvallis. I will miss Kyle and Shelly and Ali (and Mohammed). I will miss Diana. I will miss Critter (who now has no place to live, by the way, so if anybody wants a cat or KNOWS of someone who wants or might be able to take a cat, PLEASE let me know!!!!!). I will miss being the only person to shower in the morning. I will miss getting paid to take the bus to work. I will miss being a 4 minute drive from my parents.

But I will love being closer to Steve and Jordan. I will love paying less in rent. I will love having a car. I will love being able to decorate a new bedroom.

It is way past my bedtime. =) I will post pictures in the next couple of days of what my room (and house) looked like while we were packing today. Good Lord!

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