Sunday, December 9, 2007


2 - the batches of cookies I need to make before Thursday.

3 - the number of cans of paint I anticipate buying this week.

4 - days until I get a car!

4 - the number of people I still need to get Christmas presents for.

5 - the number of frames I put photos in last night (and they look GREAT!)

5 1/2 - the number of neighbors I will miss.

10 - the number of days I have left to ride the bus to work.

12 - days to find a home for my cat.

13 - days until I move.

13 - the number of showers I will take at this apartment.

14 - also the number of nights I will sleep in this apartment. That is WEIRD.

16 - days until Christmas! (Aren't you glad I reminded you?)

25 - the approximate number of blocks I will live from Steve (Jordan says we'll be "neighbors").

29 - the number of boxes I have packed (CRAZY, I know!)

29 - the number of boxes sitting in my living room (which are not all mine). Those of you who have seen my living room now know how horrible it must (and does) look.

92 - the number of empty CD cases I have to get rid of. (NOT the number of CD cases we emptied however! That was a much higher number.)

Too many to count - the number of important documents that I need to sort and file into my file box.

Also, IT'S SNOWING! Okay, they are very small flakes and I don't think they're sticking, but it's so pretty!

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