Sunday, December 23, 2007


Didn't expect me to be posting this soon, didja? =)

I moved! It feels weird. I didn't sleep very well last night (which I expected), but I do like my room. It's SMALL but cozy. Once I start moving my stuff in I'll probably get frustrated because there's nowhere to put anything, but today I like it. I was able to fit my bed, 2 dressers, my nightstand and a bookshelf in there. I was also able to fit all of my hanging clothes in two closets (I get two coat closet sized closets - one in my room and one in the hall) which amazed me. It's extremely frustrating to me that everything I own is stacked in boxes in a garage, so I'm really hoping I can get unpacked by the end of next weekend. It's cold and annoying to have to go out there and search every time I need something.

One thing I love about the house is the shower! Brooke said the hot water lasts pretty much forever (a good thing since I take insanely long showers) and the water pressure is awesome which made my day. Jay (the dog) still annoys me with his licking and constantly sticking his whole body in the middle of whatever you're doing, but even though he's a big oof (yes, oof) who would probably lick ANYBODY who walked in the door, it makes me feel safer to have him there when it's just me. and Tritty (the cat) has decided I'm her new best friend. She and I snuggled in bed this morning. Makes me not so depressed about Critter, although I still REALLY miss her.

Tomorrow is "Christmas morning" with my roommates and then off to my parents' for our traditional Christmas Eve (cousins, then an early family dinner and presents and games) and then Christmas morning, stockings with the family and then off to Stacy's!

MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone!!!

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