Saturday, January 12, 2008

I'm not dead!

Man, I went by my old office today and people were asking me about all this stuff and how things are going and I realized... Life is good!! (Yes, it's 1am and I'm CRAZY for still being up but my internet decided to randomly connect to some random wireless network.)

-- I like where I live. Sure, I have one roommate who dirties dishes and messes the place up and then leaves for like 3 days and that's super annoying, but for the most part I really like it here. I love the dishwasher and the laundry and having a driveway to park in and being closer to Steve and Jordan, and I actually really don't mind commuting to work.

-- I love my car. It's been awesome. Oh sure, there's a very minor thing or two that bug me, but all in all I love it. (The gas tank is SMALL.)

-- I debated posting this but I'm just so excited... Steve and I went ring shopping this week!!! I had never wanted to actually PICK a ring (hey, the guy's supposed to get it and propose and all that) but one of my roommates works at Fred Meyer Jewelers and I went in and was talking to her and just looking and I totally fell in love with one of the rings. Steve and I went back a few days later and I showed him and he didn't like it. It was too skinny. But when we paired it with a wedding band he really liked it. And I'm just so excited! I have no idea when he'll propose and it doesn't even matter but I love my ring and hey, I'll show anyone who wants to see because I have a picture! lol

-- It's after 1 in the morning, I'm going to bed! I miss blogging, people. I'm hoping to have internet very, very soon. We're having a house meeting tomorrow night and that's one of the things we're talking about. *Fingers crossed!*

-- Goodnight. =)

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