Saturday, January 5, 2008

2007 in a nutshell

*New Years Survey*
So, are you excited for the new year?:I sure am!
What was your favorite thing about this past year?:Buying a car, getting a new job, moving...
Who was your best friend(s)?:Steve, Tessa, Stacy, Harvest, many more.
Did you fall in love this year?:I was in love at the beginning of the year but there is such a thing as falling in love all over again. :o)
Did you get your heart broken?:Nope.
Did you get a new car?:I did! Twice!
Go somewhere exciting?:Hmm... Idaho was exciting.
Did you have a resolution for this year?:No, I tend to not make those.
Did you keep it?:See above.
Did you dye your hair?:Yes.
Lose any friends?:Yes.
Make any?:Yes.
How much do you think you changed?:Quite a bit.
Did you grow any?:In some ways, yes.
What month was your birthday?:April. Same as every year.
Was it special?:It was!
How were you in school?:I didn't go to school. I don't think...
Do anything you regret alot?:Yes.
Anything you regret NOT doing?:Well, sure.
Was it a leap year?:Nope. But this year will be!
What are you most thankful for this year?:My family and friends.
Did anyone you love die this year?:Yes. More than one.
How many significant others did you have?:Just one. :o)
Did you get in trouble alot?:No.
Who are you going to kiss at midnight?:I kissed my man at midnight.
Who do you WANT to kiss at midnight?:Him!
What is your resolution for next year?:Don't have one. Just some general "I should"'s
Who's house are you going to party at?:I partied at the bowling alley.
Going to watch the ball drop on TV?:I sure did. Well sort of, I was actually kissing when it dropped.
Will this year be better than last year?:I hope so, although this last year was pretty good!
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