Saturday, January 5, 2008


Man, I sure do miss it when I don't have it. Hopefully in the next 2 or 3 weeks we'll be getting it. We have to wait for Brooke because she's adding it to her phone and cable service so she's the only one who can actually do it and she's never home. lol

FINALLY I can post some pictures! Since I'm so behind I'll just post my favorites from the last few weeks. =) First, Christmas! I only have a few because most are on my parents' camera and I haven't gotten copies yet. Here are the cousins from our first family Christmas:

And the way my dad can often be found...

His sister from California was here on Christmas day for the first time so we took sibling pictures because it's so rare that the 4 of them are together (Tori - on the right - is a long haul truck driver).
Here's "my" dog chillaxin in front of the fireplace!

And now for New Year's! This was the big party going on at my parents' place. Turns out they actually stayed up until midnight!

The girls who got ready at the house! Minus Crista (far right) who just came for pictures. =)
Here's my hair, which Stacy did for me:

Me and Stace!
Me and my sissy:
And here's the whole group! I like (not) how you can't even see the ball I'm holding. lol A few more people showed up later so we had quite the crowd.

And my old neighbors made an appearance! Kyle told me they weren't there for our "fancy shmanciness" but it was great to see them. Mohammed stopped to strike a pose with me:

I know you totally can't see our faces but this is what we looked like when they turned the black lights on!

Alrighty, I'm off to go swimming with Steve and Jordan! As soon as I get internet at home I'm putting a password on this blog, so if you are a reader, please send me an e-mail so I can add you to my reader's list. It will require you to have a Google login, but those are easy to get. It sucks because I know pretty much all of my grandparents read this (and I want you to keep reading!) but I want more protection for what I write. You have a few weeks to let me know, but I don't want anybody to try to get on and go, "What! I don't even know what a Google login is!" So do let me know. =)

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