Saturday, January 19, 2008

A word (or several)

Okay people, STILL no internet (GRRRR). Brooke was supposed to call Monday. One of the hardest parts about not having it (other than really missing blogging) is not being able to balance my checkbook. When I had internet I balanced it at least once a week and I always knew how much money I had and could budget things easier. I finally balanced it today and I love the feeling of it BALANCING and then knowing how much I have to work with for the next 9 days.

During the week I think of all these things to blog about and then when I actually find a computer to sit down at I forget everything I was going to say.

My siblings' birthdays are coming up and I'm super excited about the presents I got them! I'll blog about them after I give them because otherwise I'm sure they'll find out somehow (plus, Kendra is reading over my shoulder). My parents are taking Kendra to the coast for her birthday so I'm taking a day off work and going along. Yay!

I'm ready to shoot my roommate's dog this week. I pretty much have zero patience for stupid/disobedient dogs and he is one of them. You have to tell him to sit about 6 times before he will and as soon as you say "good boy" he's back up and licking your face again. The part that frustrates me the most is that Brooke is never home so he's fairly attention deprived. Plus she never works with him so he's also disobedient and thinks he doesn't have to listen to anyone.

Kendra and Onyx (and Stacy) spent the night last night and I have a huge appreciation for the time Kendra has spent with her dog because she's so GOOD! And even Onyx got fed up with J. lol

Okay people, this was a lame post. I'm off to see Harvest and kids and maybe tonight go out to dinner with Steve and his best friend and his girlfriend (who, apparently, REALLY wants to meet me). But Jordan woke up with croup last night so it's a big maybe. Poor guy.

One of the next times I log in I'll be putting a password on my blog so make sure you have your Google account and that you've let me know you want to be on the list! Pretty much if I know you, I'll put you on the list. And if you're blog is on my blogroll to the right, chances are I read your blog every chance I get and I'd love to add you to mine.

Until the next Internet sighting.....

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Stacy Kate said...

Where are you?! I feel like I've seen you not at all these last couple of weeks and now my time is almost up - a very sad thought. And it doesn't help that your ability to blog has been cut off ways of staying connected are getting screwed up! This no internet thing sucks! Okay - very long comment. Love you! (call me)