Tuesday, February 19, 2008

15 minutes better :: 3

Today was more of a rough day but I made a point to find 15 minutes.

1. I asked my supervisor if I could take home the HUGE box that some stuff was delivered in today. She said yes, please, so I folded it up and drove it over to Steve's empty house. I let Jordan take my Sharpies to the box and we wrote "Jordan's Lair" on the side (and he drew a gold dragon). It quickly became a spaceship and when I left, he and Daddy were exploring Mars and its aliens.

2. I also stopped at the library and got myself a library card, which I used to check out a stack of books for Jordan. We sat at his lair and read for a bit, which we don't do enough of.

3. I sat outside with my roommate while she took a cigarette break and we talked about some of the issues that are irritating me about the house (we were able to talk the day after that whiteboard incident and work that stuff out - turns out she's just an incredibly vicious note-writer).

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Lani said...

Great news about talking through stuff with your roommate! Nice work! Glad you guys were able to talk through it and learn more about how to communicate with eachother. WAHOO!