Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Six Random Things

I've been reading everybody's random things posts this week and thinking I'd like to do one. I know I have tons of quirks, but I haven't been able to come up with six! So these aren't so much random things about ME, just random things. =) Here goes:

1. I have to drink milk when I eat ice cream. Ice cream makes me thirsty and milk is the only thing that tastes good with ice cream.

2. I keep numbers in my cell phone for places like my favorite flower shop or my favorite pizza place. I also have numbers for every doctor I've gone to/go to and a whole slew of people's extensions at work.

3. I balance my checkbook at LEAST once a week and usually more. I like to know exactly how much money I have at all times.

4. I don't dry my shirts. I hang them all dry and then fluff them in the dryer for about ten minutes.

5. I have to take my own pillow with me when I travel. One time it got left in a motel in Billings, Montana and it took until Virginia to catch up with me. There is something about the smell of my own pillow and I can't sleep on one that doesn't smell right. I also hug a pillow when I sleep. There are 8 on my bed.

6. I don't round time. If it's 6:23, I don't round to 6:25. If someone asks me how long it will take me to get somewhere, I will tell them 4 minutes rather than say "about 5."

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mommy mel said...

Perfectly you!
I used to be an avid check book balancer too...and Kiely, not so much. It makes a little trickier when there's two people.
However, now we do an "envelope system" which saves me the time. Especially with children.

*All our items like groceries, clothes, gas etc. Things that aren't bills, get put into cash at each paycheck and then we have seperate envelopes for each one. So, when I need to know how much money I have to spend on eating out, I just look in the evelope and viola! I know exactly the amount. No check book balancing...for everyday spending, and we learned that people spend 12-18% less when they use cash than when they use a card! Go figure!