Sunday, February 24, 2008

I see nothing...

I stayed home from church today because it started 25 minutes ago and I'm barely out of bed.

Brooke is gone for the weekend and Kaitlyn never stays here on the weekends. I told Brooke I would take care of J while she's gone so it's just been him and me at night. I texted Steve Friday night and said I don't like being here alone because this isn't the best of neighborhoods and this house has been broken into before (I did not know any of this when I moved in). He said it would be ok, he's just a phone call and 5 minutes away, plus I have J. That made me feel better and I went to bed.

At 2:30 in the morning J starts barking. Now, he's a dog who doesn't bark. He just doesn't. Unless he thinks something is very wrong. And this was a low, warning-type bark. I picked up my cell phone and crept out of my room. As soon as I stepped out of the doorway, J ran up to me, wagging his tail with a look on his face like, "I'm a good boy, I'm protecting you!" I did tell him he was a good boy, and we went out to the living room to see what he was barking at. I never did figure it out. I peeked out the curtains and made sure the doors were locked but I couldn't see anything odd. I went back to bed and lay awake for quite awhile, but eventually I feel asleep.

4:00 in the morning, repeat. More growling and barking, but absolutely nothing wrong that I can see. It made me even more nervous that it happened twice, and frustrated that I couldn't see a single thing out of the ordinary, but J obviously could. If only dogs could talk.

When I let him out in the morning he ran out the back gate, which was hanging open. I immediately thought someone had been in our backyard (which I did not like the idea of, especially since they have to go past my bedroom window to get there), but it turns out Kaitlyn left it open (dog! hello!).

Last night, Steve left my house around 10:30 and, again, I told him I hate being here alone, especially after the night before. Hug, kiss, reassuring, goodnight, lock the doors. I looked through the phone book to try to find the non-emergency police dispatch number but couldn't find it. Then I realized the first page had been torn out and just to the left of the tear line I could see the words "non-emergency." Lotta help that is! So I got online to look and after about 15 minutes of searching I found a number. I put it in my phone and went to bed.

2:30 in the morning, barking! What the heck!!! But this time his growling woke me up before his barking. Growling is more serious to me because it's much more of a warning. Pick up my cell phone, creep out into the living room, investigate, nothing. I called the non-emergency number I had found and, in fact, DID get the dispatch line. I asked the lady if they could spare an officer if someone could do a drive-by. She asked for what reason and I explained that I have a dog who NEVER barks unless he thinks something is very wrong and he'd been barking and growling for ten minutes. I told her I couldn't see a thing wrong but that I wasn't about to go outside and look. She said absolutely, they would have somebody check the area for me.

Brooke called at 7:15 this morning and said sure, it never happens when she's home but now it's been 2 nights in a row. In addition, her car was spray painted a few weeks ago and egged last weekend. So now I'm thinking it's somebody against her (most likely her ex and his new girlfriend). She said I shouldn't worry too much, and that she'll be home tomorrow and she is NOT afraid to go outside and investigate. She also said that we'll sit down and she'll teach me how to use her gun in case there is ever a DIRE situation where I need it. It did make me feel better last night to know that there WAS a gun and that even if it wasn't loaded, it would be to my advantage to HAVE it if someone did come in the house. She also said that if someone came in the house and J could tell that I was scared, he would bite the hell out of them.

Sooo... with all of that and awful, awful cramps, I am sitting on the couch blogging, eating oatmeal and watching Hairspray (AWESOME!). I might just go clean the patio this afternoon while my sheets are washing.

Thanks for listening to my boring recount of the last two nights. =) I'm hoping tonight won't be another repeat because I have to be up at 5:30 in the morning!

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Stacy Kate said...

You found it the website for the templates I see. Looks great! Sorry I didn't get to see you this was going to be a surprise since I came down with Carina. Sad day...maybe next time the surprise will work. :)