Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Happy birthday to me!

Well, not yet.

My birthday is at the end of April but, because it's my 21st, I started planning early.

I do NOT want to have a 21st birthday like a lot of people I know where your friends get you trashed, you end up puking or passed out or both and the next morning you wake up with a pounding headache thinking, "What DID I do last night?"

Yeah, no thanks.

What I DO want is a night out with friends, a couple of celebratory drinks, but mostly just hanging out, playing pool and having a good time.

At this point the plan is to spend the evening at a sports bar in Salem (with a designated driver). I am working on my birthday but Steve and I both took the day after off so we're free to stay out late and not have to worry about getting up at 5am!

By the way, any of you who feel like dropping in or celebrating with us, feel free. =) The more the merrier!

I am so wearing my tiara.

I am hoping, hoping, hoping for an iPod for my birthday! I say it here in case several people want to go in on it together and then have some iPod savvy person (i.e. not my mother) purchase it. =)

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