Saturday, March 1, 2008

I can't stop smiling!

Towards the end of the day yesterday I was wrapping some things up at work at this lady walks in the door with a HUGE bouquet of flowers. I mean, it was gigantic.

Sometimes people in our department get flowers on their birthdays and I have one coworker who's boyfriend sends her flowers once every couple of months but it was nobody's birthday and her boyfriend doesn't usually send her such huge bouquets.

So, I'm sitting there wondering who they're for and the lady says, "Is there a Mik... Mikay... Mik..." I said, "That's ME!" Then she tried to pronounce my last name and I just wanted to be like, "They're mine, they're mine, give me!" I couldn't believe it!

Shirley was standing behind me and goes, "Ooh, Mikaila!" My manager said, "Somebody has a secret admirer!" I said oh, he's no secret. Someone else walked in and asked who's beautiful flowers they were and Dottie said, "Oh, those are the flowers Mikaila's honey bought for all of us!" My manager also said he was proud of Steve. lol Fred cracks me up.

It was kind of fun to have that attention for a little while and to be like yeah, my man spoils me. =) Every time I walk into my kitchen and see them I start smiling all over again!

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Carrie said...

Well, that was a very sweet and thoughtful gesture and it sounds like you really appreciated it! =)

They are very pretty.